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Is the man for everything! Jingles for ads or films, presentations, music, ideas, consultations. The people who need all of that come to him. And those who think they don't need it? Spif Anderson explains to them that they probably do! So get in touch. Siemens, HP, Toshiba, Datey and BMS are among the customers who are more than satisfied and always impressed by his work.

Spif Anderson has previously presented his music with Phase III has appeared with several songs e.g. the Trauermarsch and The More We Grow in the new world of internet video. Another well-known disc is the SETI. Absolutely extra-terrestrial.

Spif Anderson is the Chief Producer from this little work of art here. He recorded it in his studio, played some of the bass and some of the keyboards, did some of the digital engineering and wrote the music.

His favourite works are his Popumentaries, which he has been pioneering since Friendly Fire. As we now know, a popumentary is a kaleidoscope of facts and opinions presented in a wide range of musical styles.

It will move you, enlighten, swim against the stream and show a wide spectrum of research and ideas through the lens of pop music. The aim is to open the listener up to new deas and say the things that simply need to be said. Take a listen to Friendly Fire and Toni Jo Henry. It really works!


Is a Singer-Songwriter from Berlin and was hard at work as co-author of nearly all the song titles on this CD. As the co-producer of "Toni Jo Henry" he brought a wealth of skills and experience to the project. Indispensable!

He took lead vocals on VALENTINES DAY PART 2 and SENSATION.

Also from him comes "Just a Bomb" on the Friendly Fire CD, and the "Antiromantic Popsong" from the SETI project.


Thomas is another one who previously worked on the Friendly Fire Projekt. In the past he has been arranger and composer for various recording studios. For several years he has gone his own way as a freelance Komponist und Produzent. He has received commissions from Audi, BMG, the Deutsche Museum, Löwenbräu and MAN among many others. He has helped us perfect Toni Jo Henry with his skills on the computer.

Christoph SchultheißCHRISTOPH SCHULTHEIß

In his band -SIO- Christoph plays every kind of guitar, banjo or mandolin that you can imagine. He has tored the world with German and international productions in the field of rock, pop, hip-hop and musical, for example Rocky Carmen, Golden Musicals of Broadway and Jesus Christ Superstar. As if that weren't enough he also works as a producer , arranger and studio and concert musician. He records all of his guitar work himself! Lennart got hold of him previously on Friendly Fire. He is indispensable for musical artistry and ideas.


This Englishman writes, composes, directs, produces, sings and plays in and for musicals and songs. How come he can do all this? He studied Music und Drama at the University of Leeds, upon graduation winning the Bretton Hall College Music department composition prize... and he has a whole load of talent.

He didn't have to wait long for international success. His German debut came with the musical Bonnie und Clyde, and he has since inspired and amazed us all with his Newsical, in which over a week, daily newspaper articles were made into short musicals and that same evening presented on the stage!

His latest musical, FAIRYSTORIES was workshopped at Theatre Building Chicago and is currently in development and production at Seattle's Village Theatre, Issaaquah.

Lennart has time after time enjoyed working with Paul, who wrote the expressive lyrics for Toni Jo Henry and occasionally sang.


Has worked for many years as a concert and session musician in Munich. He and his wife Martina Prutscher make up the  BEATFREAKS, where elcetronic beats meet Latin rhythms to create a fiery percussive crossover. This superb drummer plays on nearly all the songs on "Toni Jo Henry".


Plays bass in the band "Anyones Daughter" and has previously worked with the Rainbirds, Die Toten Hosen, Marius Müller-Westernhagen and Heinz Rudolf Kunze. He studied in his native New York and proved his talent also as a keyboarder, sampler and drummer. He has produced his own projects such as "Loophole" and "Wei-Chi". This rather special and very likeable guy has provided the LOW NOTES for Toni-Jo Henry.


Runs his own Studio, is a producer and musician, writes books and articles about his work and in addition leads workshops and courses. He has so much experience; to mention it all would go beyond the scope of name dropping! What’s great is he shares his experience. Of course, we can name a CD by our singer Liz Howard and Friendly Fire for which he was also put hard at work!


Florian Oestreicher is a sound engineer who in his own realistic sound studios has worked with Noel Gallagher, Klaus Doldinger, Harald Rüschenbaum and many more. Above all he is a jazz expert, and parts of our music, especially some of the drums which he does SO well, were wonderfully recorded and mixed by him.



Began her Karriere in Munich’s Nacht Cafe and was so good that she was hired by the Bayerischen Hof where the crowd just couldn’t resist her charms. She has sung on TV a few times and sung backing vocals for Ralph Siegel and Konstantin Wecker. Her Jazz-Soul-Gospel heart beats best when she is on stage.

Here magical and unique voice makes our hearts beat faster on LOUISIANA, A GIRL OF NO IMPORTANCE and THE LONG MILE.


Is the owner of the "Miller Music" label. He started out in musicals in New York. Back in Europe he choregraphed videos and shows for several TV channels. In 1992 he got his first recording contract and went on tour alongside the likes of Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan, The Temptations and The Supremes.

His voice transports us to NEW ORLEANS and CALIFORNIA HONEYMOON, and he is the fantastic lead singer on RAW MAGIC.

Cathrin von SpannenbergCATHRIN VON SPANNENBERG

Since she was 14 singer has been gathering experience in many different styles of music. With her own band and self-penned songs she has just released a new album. She is among the most frequently booked singers in Germany.

Only the best is good enough for "Toni Jo Henry"! She's our backing vocalist on LOUISIANA and NEW OrLEANS.


Started out as a singer in Lennart's studio where together they created various songs and jingles. The collaboration grew, got more ambitious and lasted for eleven years. She is also to be heard on Friendly Fire. In addition she was the front woman of the country band Westworld Company where she graced every gig with her wonderful voice.



Is by far the meanest shouter in Munich. As the frontman of the band Lungfull he really makes the crowd quake. He is a master of creepy overtone singing, although these days his singing has taken a bit of a back seat.

Currently he is an awe inspiring icon and DJ in the Munich Gothic scene . Not convinced? DADDY'S GIRL is his song!


The receiver of the 2002 Süddeutschen Zeitung and Bavarian Radio prise for best newcomer has appered in several musicals (The Rocky Horror Show) and in the meantime works as a Jazzsängerin. Sie tritt in München, Berlin, New York und San Fransisco auf.

She has performed in Munich, Berlin, New York and San Francisco. She appears here as lead singer on LOVING YOU and DADDY'S GIRL.


Was co-producer and singer on Friendly Fire. She trained classically as a soprano at conservatories in Munich and Salzburg.

Here she makes a fine classical contribution to DADDY'S GIRL .


He's the one with the HARD sounds! On THE STOOL PIGEON and I'M NOT LIKE YOU he shows us a bit of the qualities from which the band Hepta Phobiks have been able to profit. He has been their singer since 1999.

The Phobiks are a wonderful antedote to boredom or acute diarrhoea, according to their website.

Try them out, or start here with these tracks.


Together with Oliver Guse, Anne is Kritlover. Like it says on her homepage: It's good. It's krit. It's live. This pop-rock-electro project is simply REQUIRED LISTENING. It's where the party gets going.

Here she lets her voice sound out in the backing vocals on A GIRL OF NO IMPORTANCE and as the aggressive and infectious leadsinger in I'M NOT LIKE YOU.


Everything began in the school choir fort his young singer. In the meantime she is on the way to becoming a psychologist and is enjoying a career as a much in demand studio singer in Lennarts Studio. Alongside their own songs she and Lennart produce music for commercials and the work of other artists. Eve is also the singer on one of Lennart’s other projects, Phase III.

On Toni Jo Henry she sang backing vocals on several of the songs.


Singing, Theatre, TV and her own Band! This young artist, also known as AZA, completed her music studies at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and devotes herself totally to creativity.

She lends her voice to the background vocals on CALIFORNIA HONEYMOON und ANGELS DON'T CRY.


He's cool and factual. And he makes for compelling listening! David Williamson is a professional voice over artist for audio books, dubbing, TV presentations, advertising, cartoons and theatre. There was no question about getting him on board for "Toni Jo Henry", especially as he had already spoken what there was to be spoken on Friendly Fire.



Plays in the Emo-Rock Band "Elroy" from Saarland. He brought a bit of his electric guitar artistry to FINAL CALL.


Studied orchestral music in Heidelberg and later trombone at the University of North Texas. He has released 4 CDs and has worked with greats such as  Frank Farian, Ralph Siegel and Leslie Mandoki.

Who else would we need on NEW ORLEANS and CALIFORNIA HONEYMOON?


Studied saxophone, clarinet and bassoon at the Richard Strauss Conservatory where he graduated as a state acredited music teacher. He was a member of the German Army Jazz Orchestra under Peter Herbolzheimer, arranger and leader of the bigband Earforce, studio musician and sax player for Harald Rüschenbaum, Al Porcino and various soul line ups.

For the last 4 years he has been top of the saxophone list for Lennart. We simply couldn't resist having him on NEW ORLEANS and CALIFORNIA HONEYMOON.


Is an absolute giant on the jazz scene where he is known as known as a drummer of world class. He has played with Matthew Garrison, Claudio Abbado, Yehudi Menuhin, Allan Harris, Dusko Goykovic, Adrin Mears, Udo Jürgens, Howard Carpendale, Maurizio Pollini, Peter O-Mara, Don Freeman, Max Neissendorfer and Johannes Enders. He is a teacher at the Trossingen Army Academy and works at the Highschool for Music and Theater in Hamburg.
Here he shows us what he can do with the drums on A GIRL OF NO IMPORTANCE, ANGELS DON'T CRY and THE LONG MILE.


Was the guitarist with Shadowland, a Gothic-Metal-Wave Band, who appeared at the Wave-Gothic-Meeting. These days he has gone a totally different direction and provides medieval guitar sounds for Van Langen.

We also got him in the studio for a few of our songs, for example on NEW ORLEANS and DADDY'S GIRL and a magical solo on RAW MAGIC. Not medieval, not Gothic, just damned good!


Is the all time most longstanding member of the Bavarian Youth Jazz Orchestra and has played with Harald Rüschenbaum, Al Porcino, Thilo Wolf, Bobby Shew,New York Voices, Claudio Roditi, SWR-Big Band, Hugo Strasser, Dieter Reith, Don Menza, Dusko Goykovic and Jay Ashby. In the meantime he is a teacher in various music centres and institutes.

He was the only choice for trumpet on NEW ORLEANS and CALIFORNIA HONEYMOON.


Was previously to be heard on Friendly Fire, is the owner of the LXK Studios in Munich and a much in demand studio bass player. He has previously worked with Dionne Warwick, Kurtis Blow, Kool & The Gang, EAV, Howard Carpendale, Jennifer Rush, Glashaus, Matthias Reim and many others.

Alex has run his studios for many years and has made himself a name in the field of Stereo and Surround Sound mastering with bands like Sportfreunde Stiller, Die Ärzte, Farin Urlaub, Die Happy etc.

We got hold of him to provide the Bass Heat on NEW ORLEANS.


Has previously played on CD recordings for GIL, Jasmin Wagner (Blümchen), Lou Bega, Fauna Flash and C.B. Green. In addition he has worked on Film and TV recordings for Wilde Kerle, Unser Charly, Soko and many more.

He composes plays guitar on stage and in the studio for the Persian singer Nasrin. In their work together they create "soundscapes of exceptional power and imaginative depths" (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

We hear him in a less sensual and more electronic style on VALENTINES DAY PART 2 and RAW MAGIC.


The much in demand Munich Bassist has previously worked with Bobby Kimball from Toto, Ralph Siegel and Leslie Mandoki. He was a session musician for Chaka Khan and Ian Anderson and he is being touted as Germany’s BIG BASS HOPE for the future.

He plays for us on VALENTINES DAY PART 1.


Roman Bichler
Pfeufer Str. 8
81373 München

Telefon: +49 89 189 11 543


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